Process Monitoring Of Disparate Services Essential

Thomas Farrington, SVP & CIO, Perrigo Company

Thomas Farrington, SVP & CIO, Perrigo Company

Overcoming challenges to make job easier

Enterprise systems and other technology are finding new and innovative uses on the manufacturing floor. Technologies are being integrated with real time shop floor processes at a more rapid pace as companies look to enhance quality and extend productivity gains of lean sigma activities. The integration of all the disparate devices, networks, software, operating systems and vendors complicates equation of reliability and availability on the shop floor. Trouble shooting and problem resolution is more difficult and longer in duration. Process monitoring end to end has become an imperative in managing the quality of service the processes that are serviced by disparate services.

Provisions of secure and consistent communications without dedicated communications from service providers. Long leads times in dedicated communication line provisioning cause delays in integration execution and corresponding delays in providing business value.

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